EERA JP Wind & SETWind WORKSHOP on Multiscale modelling and validation of wind farm wakes

April 2 – WEBINAR

This was the first event of the EERA JP Wind & SETWind series of thematic workshops, organized to help to define the “rolling agenda” of R&I priorities in the SET-Plan Implementation Plan for Offshore Wind. These workshops are free and open in order to give the opportunity to all members of the wind community to express their opinions and give their contributions.

The focus of this specific workshop was on Multiscale modelling and validation of wind farm wakes. It addressed challenges related to investigating how wind farms influence the wind field inside and in the surroundings of the wind farm. This includes influences to the flow upwind (global blockage effect), to the sides, above, as well as wakes downwind of the wind farm.

The workshop was attended by 61 participants. The timing was perfectly respected by the speakers and the discussion very well moderated,  exciting and inspiring.

Here you find the record and the presentations.


10:00: Welcome by Jake Badger, DTU Wind Energy

10:10: Martin Dörenkämper, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems

“X-Wakes: Interaction of the wakes of large offshore wind farms with the marine atmospheric boundary layer”

10:30 Andreas Platis, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

“Offshore wind farm far field – Results of the project WIPAFF”

10:50: Jake Badger, DTU Wind Energy, DK

“Accounting for wind farm wakes on wind energy scenarios for 2050 in the German Bight using two methods”

11:10: Edwin Bot, TNO, NL

“FarmFlow: a wake model for offshore wind farms and its validation”

11:30 Paul van de Laan, DTU Wind Energy, DK

“Multi-scale turbulence modeling of wind farm flows in RANS”

11:50 Bernhard Stoevesandt, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems

“The effect of turbulent inflow on wakes and aerodynamics”

12:10 Close