>> Recordings and presentations of the EERA JP Wind & SETWind Annual Event 2021, in collaboration with ETIPWind are available on line <<

All the presentations are available on:

All the recordings are available on EERA JP Wind YouTube Channel, playlist EERA JP Wind & SETWind Annual Event 2021, in collaboration with ETIPWind.

Here the web page of the annual event with all the information, including the program.


>> EERA JP Wind & SETWind annual event 2021 <<

Since 2014, EERA JP Wind has been organising yearly events in Amsterdam. The collaboration between EERA JP Wind and SETWind project started in 2019 with a 2-day physical event where researchers and industry collaborators came from all Europe. In 2020 the annual event was a fully digital conference organized by EERA JP Wind & SETWind, in collaboration with ETIPWind. It was five days of knowledge sharing, inspiring discussions, networking and collaboration opportunities with 482 members of the Wind community.

The EERA JP Wind & SETWind Annual Event aims for knowledge exchange, network opportunities and inspiration for new research topics. It is intended to focus on R&I priorities and technology development visions.

The 2021 edition of the EERA JP Wind & SETWind Annual Event was organized as a hybrid event, in Amsterdam and online, from September 20th to the 24th. A dedicated online platform was developed to provide the live stream of the event and participants could either join the event physically in Amsterdam or join the event virtually.

It consisted of 4 days of Conference, opening with a keynote speech from Mr Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President, on the European Green Deal, focusing on the implications for the wind sector.

The event had the special attendance of Adel El Gammal, EERA Secretary General, with a keynote speech on Wind Energy and the promises within the global Clean Energy Transition, and Stephan Barth, IEA Wind TCP Chair, with a keynote speech on IEA Wind and the global collaboration in wind energy technology.

The presentations were organized in 7 sessions for a total of 14h of live stream chaired by EERA JP Wind MB members and focused on the following topics:

  • Lighthouse Initiatives – chair John Olav Tande
  • Digitalization and asset management – chairs Paul McKeever & Peter Eecen
  • Floating wind – recent developments and urgent research priorities – chair John Olav Tande
  • System integration – chairs Nicolaos Cutululis & Paul McKeever
  • Towards multi-scale wind flow modelling and measurements – chair Jake Badger
  • Value generation of wind energy in the future (social and economic considerations) – chairs Lena Kitzing & Iratxe Gonzalez-Aparicio
  • Sustainability and circular economy: material availability and usage – chairs Antonio Ugarte Olarreaga & Arno van Wingerde

Adjacent to the conference two additional workshops were organised:

  • EERA JP Wind WORKSHOP on Ongoing research in offshore wind structures on September 16 & 17, organized by EERA JP Wind Sub Programme on Structures, materials and components (SP7), with the support of the Sub Programme on Research Infrastructure, testing and standards (SP2), and the Sub Programme on Offshore Balance of Plant (SP6). 
  • Workshop on low specific power and low wind turbine, on September 23 & 24, organized by EERA Sub Programme 4 on Loads, Control and Aerodynamics with IEA Wind Task 37.