Project objective

The partners in this project collaborate with the goal to further develop the FOBM fibre-optic measurement system and make it ready for commercial sales aiming to reduce the cost of energy by enabling condition based maintenance and IPC. Based on proven technology developed by research institute ECN part of TNO, the system will be further developed and demonstrated in this project. At the end of the project the Loadwatch system is ready for commercial sales.

Expected outcome

At the end of the project the LoadWatch system is ready for commercial sales. No further development steps are required to reach commercial sales. GE will be the launching customer of the LoadWatch system (after go/no go). GE is ideally positioned to become a leading player in the offshore wind segment, with a 2.8 GW project pipeline and the objective of garnering a market share of close to 20% in Europe by 2020. GE will open up the offshore market for the LoadWatch system and upscaling and direct market introduction is possible.

Contributing organizations

  • GE
  • Railstress Consultancy BV
  • Technobis tft-fos
  • Voestalpine Signaling Siershahn GmbH R&D
  • XEMC Darwind R&D