Project objective

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to decreasing the cost per kWh of offshore wind energy, by delivering the key parameters for the design and build of a full-scale prototype for a cheap, green and safe access bridge. The design parameters will be technically assessed by Marin up to TRL5 and the business case and the improvements compared to existing solutions will be validated by ECN. In order to be able to quickly and professionally build this prototype and to deliver the proposed product and its required service level to the market after this project, NHLO has chosen to team its innovative power with well-known maritime industry leader IHC.

Expected outcome

This project has built, tested and analyzed both numeric and scale models of the “Seaqualizer”, an offshore access bridge with a spring balanced motion compensation system. It was demonstrated the technology has the potential to increase accessibility of wind turbines to >95%, offering significant energy reduction, lower build and operating cost, improved safety, a larger operating window and increased load capacity compared to existing solutions.

Contributing organizations

  • ECN part of TNO
  • Royal IHC R&D
  • NHLO