Project objective

Within this project, a novel and integrated state-acquisition and prediction system for main gears of wind turbines will be developed. Thereby, the information accuracy and volume of CMS in main gears of wind turbines should be increased and automated, and reliable damage notifications be enabled. The BCMS that will be developed represents a combination of a model-based observer and a load-oriented sensor technology. The model will deduce parameters that are hard to measure from the attained process parameters. By comparing the measured data to the results of the model-based calculation, predictions about the condition of gear components should be enabled. Thus, the chronology of local loads on gear wheels and rolling bearings can be determined in order to predict the remaining life span of the components. In this manner, the reliability of wind turbines should be increased and a condition-based maintenance be allowed. Thereby, maintenance incidents will become more projectable, which will result in downtime reduction for wind turbines and, therefore, in an increased energy yield.

Expected outcome

Novel Condition Monitoring Methods for Wind Turbine Gearboxes