Project objective

The objective of this project is to reduce the levelized cost of wind energy by reducing the uncertainties of offshore wind farms: * uncertainties in the wind resource by making available better measurement techniques of LIDAR measurements * uncertainties in the annual energy production by making available an accurate measurement technique based on nacelle based Lidars. * Reduction of uncertainty in contracting and financing of wind farms by making available an efficient method for power performance assessments and yield of the wind farm * reduction of loads and optimisation of operation by implementation of nacelle based Lidar measurements in the turbine control * optimisation of wind farm operation by including wind field measurements in innovative wind farm control. * making available for Dutch Industry the pan-European facility.

Expected outcome

Technology and services are developed to use LIDAR systems in offshore wind power plants to significantly reduce the cost of energy: – better estimate of wind resource – efficient power performance assessments – optimising turbine control – reduction of mechanical loads in wind farms Development and analyses with LIDARS, forward looking LIDARS, LIDARS coupled with turbine control and this project includes the Dutch contribution to the international facility.

Contributing organizations

  • Avent Lidar Technology
  • Delft University of Technology
  • XEMC Darwind R&D