Project objective

The overall aim of this DemoWind WFCT project is to implement AWC on an existing full scale offshore wind farm and demonstrate its added value in terms of cost reduction for offshore wind. The main objectives are: • Demonstration of the economic benefits of AWC in the field • Demonstration of the accuracy of the numerical predictions under operation with AWC, reducing the model uncertainty and, therefore, de-risking the technology • Solving the technological challenges related to the implementation of AWC • Addressing contractual and commercial challenges for the different stakeholders related to operational risks, responsibilities, guarantees, financing, etc.

Expected outcome

The project will raise the awareness and increase the AWC technology acceptance in the industry because the benefits from AWC will be demonstrated in a full-scale offshore wind farm. Because of this, the market readiness (TRL level) will increase, and the benefits of AWC in real-life will become evident. The maturity of the technology will increase, speeding up the implementation of the technology.

Contributing organizations

  • Technical University of Denmark
  • ECN part of TNO
  • Frazer-Nash
  • RWE Innogy
  • Windar Photonics