Project objective

More accurate designs of wind turbine blades by improved modelling and validation of torsional flexibility. The added value of more accurate blade torsion calculations increases significantly for larger and thus more flexible blades.

Expected outcome

This project will result in accurate, reliable and validated blade structural modelling tools that include torsional stiffness. Validation data are gathered by two tests: the first test is a full-scale blade test in the laboratory of WMC; the second test is an on-site test on a GE wind turbine at EWTW. The in house aeroelastic tools are validated with on-site measurements applying the better structural blade modelling. A 10MW wind turbine blade will be designed by ECN and TRES4 applying the gained knowledge on torsional behaviour.

Contributing organizations

  • General Electric Global Research
  • Knowledge Centre WMC Full scale blade testing
  • We4Ce BV TRES4