Project objective

The White Etching Cracks (WEC) remain to the date undetectable by condition monitoring systems. The large challenge is now to find the related parameters for the formation of White Etching Cracks with the help of latest data analysis techniques. The basis for this is an extensive screening of historic records from field facilities, data bases created on previous investigations about White Etching Cracks (WEC) and ongoing activities. The variables describing the damage patterns serve then as input variables for the design and calibration of new sensor concepts. The sensor components are then installed and trained on scaled test benches at the IPAT/Erlangen and a 4 MW real-size nacelle test bench at CWD. This iterative process eventually results on a functioning condition monitoring system able to assess WEC damage pattern. As part of the sensor-based solution approach there will be a verification of robust and interacting lubricants, which proved to be especially WEC-resistant on already undertaken bench tests. For this purpose specific sensors which allow the online surveillance of the oil status will be pursued.

Expected outcome

Novel Validated Condition Monitoring Concept