Open Energy is an ambitious project on a mission to modernise access to energy data.

This project intends to break down barriers in data sharing within the energy industry by creating an Open Energy Standard and Governance Platform that will make it easier to share and access data about energy supply and demand, so the UK can drive towards decarbonisation.

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Workshop >> October 30 (12.00 – 1.00 pm)

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Summary of the findings of the Open Energy Project as part of the Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA) competition, with Q&A session.

This webinar will showcase the achievements and progress made by the project so far in a public discussion and interactive Q&A. Collaboration across the whole energy sector – from consumers to providers, from startups to energy initiatives in local government – is what makes Open Energy’s approach unique. We want to be open and transparent about our research and findings and we welcome feedback, suggestions and recommendations from other experts in the energy sector and beyond.

Open Energy is powered by a set of Advisory Groups made up of over 60 industry and sector experts who are building a revolutionary way of opening up access to shared data that works for the whole energy industry. The Advisory Groups are guiding the development of the Open Energy Standard and Governance Platform prototypes. This includes discussing the standards, guidelines and specifications needed, as well as understanding the policy and regulatory requirements that will enable the energy industry to better find, access and share data. The team is also developing a prototype to demonstrate the Governance Platform technology needed to share data securely while making it easily searchable and usable.

Icebreaker One, along with the Open Energy project partners Open Climate Fix and PassivSystems, are one of two finalists in the Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA) competition. This is run by Innovate UK to enable energy data to be shared for the benefit of society. The final round of funding for the competition is due to be announced in December.

To find out more about the project and the individual Advisory Groups head to this website.

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