New EERA JP Wind Management Board

On the 13th of March 2018 at DTU in Roskilde the EERA JP Wind Steering Committee meeting was held. Main outcome of the SC meeting was the approval of the new EERA JP Wind strategy and management board. The new MB members will present themselves, below.

SP2 Research Infrastructure, testing and standards

Paul McKeever, ORE Catapult

In my role as Head of Strategic Research at ORE Catapult, one of my main objectives is the development of external research collaborations and partnerships.  Part of this activity is reliant on a strong research and industrial network and the ability to lead and influence research programmes.  I have been active as a research manager in offshore renewables since 2010 and I have actively participated in European research and innovation arenas such as EERA JPWind, TPWind and EUREC for much of that time.  This has allowed me to become part of a very strong research network in our sector and influence research programmes.  I am currently the ORE Catapult SC representative for EERA JPWind, but feel I can offer more to the research community by leading one of the EERA JPWind sub-programmes (and hence lead a research programme as well as influence it).


SP3 Wind conditions and climatic effects

Jake Badger, DTU Wind Energy

Jake Badger is Head of Section for Wind Resource Assessment at DTU Wind Energy. He has carried out research and development within numerical wind resource assessment methodologies for over 17 years. One of his management goals is to accelerate developments for the application and dissemination of meteorology modelling and datasets in wind energy community, and to strengthen co-development and collaboration across specializations to deliver novel research and innovation. On being on the Management Board he says, “I am very excited by the scientific developments in the field of wind conditions and climatic effects and I will enjoy the challenge of gaining broader knowledge of the context of my field from experts in this multi-disciplinary sector”.


SP4: Aerodynamics, loads and control

Peter Eecen, ECN part of TNO

Peter has been involved in shaping and managing EERA JP WIND from the early start, leading the sub programme on aerodynamics. I see the new organization of EERA JP WIND as an important development making the effort that we as management team make to run and organize the Joint Programme more effective and efficient. I find it important that the EERA JP WIND  organization has more impact while engaging all partners and associate partners. A lot of focus is required to create a meaningful and influential organization.


SP5 System Integration

Nicolaos A. Cutululis, DTU

Nicolaos A. Cutululis has been an active researcher in wind power for almost 20 years, currently as a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Wind Energy at the Technical University of Denmark. He holds a M.Sc. (1998) and a Ph.D in Automatic Control (2005). His work is mainly related to system integration of wind power, with a special focus on offshore wind power and grids. He is a member of IEEE and CIGRE and currently he represents Denmark in IEA Wind Task 25 – Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power.


SP6: Offshore Balance of Plant

John Olav Tande, SINTEF

As the IRPwind project is now close to completion, John Tande is very much looking forward to taking EERA JPwind into a new phase. This shall reflect that EERA JP wind and its sub programmes has been through a tremendous development since start. Over the last eight years, it has grown from 13 to 49 participating organizations, being excellent, but also calls for a change in how the activities of the programme is best carried out.


SP7 Structures, materials and components

Arno van Wingerde, Fraunhofer IWES

Arno van Wingerde is the Chief Scientist of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES). He has a Master’s in Civil Engineering, followed by a Ph.D. in the fatigue of tubular steel structures at the Delft University of Technology, followed by a postdoc at the University of Toronto. He helped to establish and later lead the rotor blade test centre at IWES and has 20 years of experience in wind energy research. Within the EERA (European Energy research Association) JP Wind, he coordinates the subprogram Structures and Materials and has extensive experience in coordinating various European, Dutch and German research proposals and leading the subsequent projects. Member of two IEC committees and an IEA Working group, as well as moderator of a VDI workshop.


SP8 Planning & Deployment, social, environmental and economic issues

Lena Kitzing, DTU

Lena Kitzing is researcher in energy economics and regulation at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Management Engineering. Her research focuses on energy policy and market design, using quantitative economic analysis with focus on investment and risk aspects. Her research on energy policy in the EU includes the design of support for renewable energy, especially auction schemes. Lena graduated as Dipl.-Wi-Ing. (equivalent MSc) in energy and environmental management at the University of Flensburg in 2006, and holds a PhD in energy economics from the Technical University of Denmark from 2014. She has nearly five years of work experience in the energy industry (2006-2011) at RWE and DONG Energy, working mostly with investments in energy projects, financial analysis, business development and strategy.


2nd contact point for SP1: Programme planning and outreach

Xabier Munduate, (PhD, MEng), CENER

Xabier Munduate manages the Wind Turbine R&D projects since October 2017. Since 2002 he has been working as Head of the Wind Turbine Aerodynamics team in the department of Wind Energy at CENER. He has over 23 years experience in wind turbine research, including 2 years in Denmark and 5 years in Scotland, UK. Wind inflow, rotor blades aeroelasticity and wake studies are the main areas of specialization. Principal investigator for National, European and International projects and representative of CENER in the EAWE, the IEA and the EERA. He has coo-directed 4 Ph.D thesis and acts as an active scientific reviewer of several journals and  publications.