New EERA JP Wind Coordinator

EERA JPWind has been contributing value to its participants for 8 years. Peter Hauge Madsen has been JPWind coordinator from the start. In 8 years, the organisation has grown from 13 to 51 partners, all with a significant research programme in wind energy and with the intention to increase the collaboration. After 8 years, Peter Hauge stepped down and a new EERA JP Wind Coordinator should be elected. As per 19th of September 2018 Peter Eecen, ECN part of TNO has been elected as the new EERA JP Wind Coordinator.
We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Peter Hauge Madsen who has been the driving force behind the development of EERA JPWind. Last year, Peter Hauge pushed the management board to define a new strategy. Since the organisation has grown from 13 to 51 partners that was really necessary. With the new strategy the EERA JPWind is ready to face the future.