SP3 WORKSHOP on Wind Resource Assessment R&D Roadmap

24th January 2019, Uppsala, Clarion Hotel Gillet

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a research road map for Wind Resource Assessment we special focus on short- to medium-term research that utilizes and follows up on the outcomes of New European Wind Atlas project. It is a jointly coordinated by EERA JP Wind sub-programme Wind Conditions and Climatic Effects and IEA-Wind Task 31, and will be part of continuing series of workshops planned for 2019.


9:00 Arrival and registration

9:30 Welcome and introductory talks:

  • IEA-Wind Grand Vision 2050: extracts related to “Wind Conditions” (Javier Sanz Rodrigo)
  • EERA-Wind “Wind Conditions and Climatic Effects” research agenda with EU focus (Jake Badger)
  • Overview of NEWA research highlights and opportunities (Jakob Mann)

10:30 Break

10:50 Focus sessions start:

Session 1: Challenges

  • Introduction (session facilitator)
    • What is the short-term vision (by 2025)? What needs to be prioritized? What problems will be solved? Break-out groups discuss about problem statement or burning questions that need to be solved now. Cluster ideas around 2 or 3 challenges.
  • Regroup and collection of inputs

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Focus sessions continue

Session 2: Solutions

  • Introduction (session facilitator)
    • What research is needed to solve the challenges? What sort of collaboration is needed? What are the enabling technologies? Break-out groups discuss about how to approach the challenges.
  • Regroup and collection of inputs.

14:10 Break

14:30 Focus sessions continue

Session 3: Impacts

  • Introduction (session facilitator)
    • If we solve the problems, what would be the outcome? What are the barriers? What would be next (medium to long-term vision)?  Break-out groups discuss impacts and barriers.
  • Regroup and collection of inputs

15:40 Focus sessions continue

Session 4: Funding opportunities and next steps

  • Introduction (session facilitator)
    • What are the relevant calls in next few months to a year? How should we respond to these calls? Can we scope out a number of projects that match calls and aspects of roadmap we are developing?   Break-out groups discuss funding opportunities and responses.
  • Regroup and collection of inputs.
  • Summary of the meeting presenting the inputs for the four focus sessions. Ideas how to move forward with the R&D roadmap.

17:00     Close

Please note: We will use electronic media and documents to collect inputs from the workshop as it proceeds. We will try to way to allow on-line as well as in-situ participation.

Registration: Uppsala University is host and they have kindly set up a registration page for the workshop. Here you can select the workshop (please tick “January 24th, EERA/IEA/NEWA meeting start 09.00”) and dinner options, and an accommodation suggestion is given.

Please register before December 28th, 2018

For enquires related to workshop content please contact Jake Badger (jaba@dtu.dk) EERA JP Wind SP3 Wind conditions and climatic effects sub programme coordinator.