8th of March 2022, online

Workshop: Metrics and assessment criteria to evaluate the social value of offshore wind R&I projects

The European Commission’s strategy for offshore renewable energy and the European Parliament’s report on a strategy for offshore renewable energy highlights the complex of challenges facing the build out of offshore wind as part of the EU green deal for a fair and just green transition. Looking beyond the technical challenges associated with offshore wind, legislators, policy makers, developers, regions and municipalities faces a range of challenges and opportunities to consider when planning the build out of +300GW offshore wind in Europe by 2050. The challenges include the multiuse of sea by a range of stakeholders, concerns about job creating and building competences in new offshore markets, addressing potential conflicting needs of the energy sector with tourism, environmental concerns or the quality of livelihood and local areas.

These challenges translate into a set of research and innovation opportunities. How do we optimize the multiuse of the sea? How do we enable skills development and job creation in new offshore market? How do we assess the impact on local communities when wind farms are build and onshore connections are constructed?  These topics are not only topics of research. Crucially, we need a framework of metrics for how to assess the potential impact of R&I projects in this space, the alignment among EU countries on a joint interpretation of such metrics to take into considerations when addressing the social dimension.

This workshop addresses this question: what are the metrics and assessment criteria needed to evaluate the value of R&I projects related to offshore wind?

The workshop follows up from the Beyond LOE workshop in 2020 that developed a set of value metrics moving beyond the levelised cost of energy. The aim of the workshop is to identity a set of core metrics that can quality the discussion around what research and innovation is needed for Europe to achive its 2050 targets for offshore wind in a fair and just manner.


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09:00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop – (A. Ugarte-CENER / I. Gonzalez-TNO)

09:05   Keynote from Tomas Romagosa (AEE – Spain) understanding impact of social science and humanities

09:30   Impact Indicators in EU projects: an analysis of metadata – Lena Kitzing, DTU

09:55   Wind power social acceptance and impact factors – presentations panel:

09:55 Engaging communities and publics on renewable energy technologies, beyond metrics – Melanie Rohse, Global Sustainability Institute

10:20   Social acceptability in offshore wind – assessments vs social realities –  Pfr Tavis Potts  – U. of Aberdeen

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00    Measuring Public Confidence by using Ecosystem-based Approach frameworks – Rafael Sardá –

11:25    The value of values: Development – community fitness as a metric for social impact and offshore wind R&I Investments – Eric Rose – TNO

11:50    Panel debate about impact factors in EU proposals (all)

12:10    Wrap up and conclusions