SP7 WORKSHOP on Structures, Materials and Components

21st of January 2021 - Online event

This is an internal workshop for EERA JP Wind SP7 members.

For more information please contact f.riccionicapelli@gmail.com



  1. Welcome & Introductions, approval of agenda
    • Minutes of 1st virtual meeting, October 22, 2020, Contact sheet.
  2. Discussion on Collaboration Ideas for EU Calls
    • Discussion on current EU calls
  3. Bilateral projects
    • Ideas for extra activities, Arno mentions floating project
  4. Short Presentations by new partners
    • No new partners have been announced
  5. Presentations by partners
    • Detailed progress review of RT1 activities
    • Detailed progress review of RT2 activities
    • Detailed progress review of RT3 activities
    • Detailed progress review of RT4 activities
  6. EERA MB business
  7. Next Workshop: SP7 (or together with other SP?) 3 months
  8. Format SP Workshop – any ideas


Actions (all):

  • Check EU proposals
  • Check access to SP7 Teams, including documents, as we are going to be using this as our primary sharepoint/dropbox/communication etc.
  • Upload presentations