EERA JP Wind WORKSHOP on Ongoing research in offshore wind structures

16th & 17th of September, 2021 - Amsterdam & online

This is a workshop organized by EERA JP Wind Sub Programme on Structures, materials and components (SP7), with the support of the Sub Programme on Research Infrastructure, testing and standards (SP2), and the Sub Programme on Offshore Balance of Plant (SP6) .

This hybrid Workshop on ”Ongoing research in offshore wind structures” takes place September 16-17 2021 in Amsterdam, and as a virtual event for people who cannot travel. It is adjacent to the EERA JP Wind Annual event which takes place the week thereafter September 20-24 in Amsterdam as well.

Registrations are closed.

In case you want to participate please contact Flaminia at

All the presentations have been published on Zenodo platform in the EERA JP Wind Community.

Here you find the full program.

>> Agenda:

September 16

Session 1: Digital Models of Wind Turbines – Chair Arno van Wingerde – 16-9 11:00-12:30

Lunch in Aristo 12:30-13:30

Session 2: Mooring Lines – Chair John Olav Tande – 16-9 :13:30-15:00

Session 3: Risk Management – Chair Arno van Wingerde – 16-9 15:30-16:00

Conference drinks and dinner in Amsterdam
Restaurant van Puffelen – We can leave from ARISTO at 17:00, Dinner at 19:00


September 17

Session 4: Maintenance – Chair Paul McKeever – 17-9 10:00-11:30

Closure of the Workshop: Arno

Lunch in Aristo 12:00-13:00


SP7 Workshop 17-9 13:30-16:00

We have a shorter program today, since most of us have probably attended the workshop on Ongoing research in offshore wind structures or present at the Annual event the following week, so if we may finish earlier this time… then again that is what i always think in advance! Those who are participating online, please switch cameras on, where possible to get a round table feeling. Also, contribute presentations and feed back… otherwise the workshop will be rather “dead”

  1. Welcome, round tour of participants
  2. Fraunhofer presents: Alexandros Antoniou on material research ongoing at IWES
  3. DTU presents: Xiao Chen on ‘Smart Damage Prognostics of Operational Wind Turbine Blades by Automated Thermographic Analysis’.
  4. Discuss EU calls: who aims to participate
  5. Possibilities for multinational projects
  6. Other ideas

All the presentations have been published on Zenodo platform in the EERA JP Wind Community.


About EERA JP Wind

The mission for EERA JP WIND is to provide strategic leadership for medium to long-term research and to support the European wind energy industry and societal stakeholders. The joint programme brings together all public research organisations in Europe with substantial research and innovation efforts in wind energy.