EERA EU Energy Policy Review: impact on Renewable Energy

17th of December, 2021 - Webinar

Here you find the presentation of the webinar.

Here you find the recording.

The EERA Policy Working Group is working within the structure of the European Energy Research Alliance and focuses on policy issues relevant to EERA’s strategy. The group contributes to ensuring that EERA is an active player in European energy R&I policy development and follows the developments closely together with experts from the various members. The Policy Working Group prepares regularly policy updates and makes them available to its members.

The Weekly Policy Updates are short newsletters including information on the EU institutional agenda for the week to come, as well as news and events in Brussels related to climate, energy and R&I policy.

The working of the Policy Group is explained in a video.

EERA JP Wind organizes this workshop as a cross-cutting workshop and aims to focus on the impact of policy on renewable energy developments in the broad context, which means including the energy system aspects, society and ecology.

We warmly invite interested experts from the various EERA Joint Programmes to jointly discuss the policy developments and implications for our research agenda’s.


  • 10:00 (Peter Eecen) Introduction on aim of the workshop:
    • There are significant developments in EU policies around renewable energy
    • At the workshop we discuss the relevant EU policies for renewable energy
    • Opportunities and threats for the renewable research programme are identified
  • 10:10 (Rosita Zilli) Introduction into the EERA Policy Working Group
  • 10:15 Fit for 55: Renewable Energy Directive (15 min)
    • Introduction of EU Renewable Energy Directive, developments and progress
    • Discussion
  • 10:30 Fit for 55:  EU Emission Trading System (15 min)
    • Introduction of EU Emission Trading System, developments and progress
    • Discussion
  • 10:45 Fit for 55: Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (15 min)
    • Introduction of EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, developments and progress
    • Discussion
  • 11:00 Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the Energy Sector (15 min)
    • Introduction of Digitalisation of the Energy Sector, developments and progress
    • Discussion
  • 11:15 Summary, 360 feedback, suggestions for next workshop (5 min)
  • 11:25 Closing