25th of March 2022, online

EERA EU Energy Policy Review: impact on Renewable Energy – second workshop

On 17 December 2021, the Wind Joint Programme and the EERA Secretariat jointly launched the first of a series of webinar to update EERA’s research community about selected EU policy dossiers and their impact on renewable energies.

The participants expressed a positive feedback on the webinar, and a second session will be organized on 25 March 2022.

With the launch of REPowerEU by the European Commission, the irreplaceability of renewables will be out of discussion, if the EU aims to reach a strategic independence in the energy sector and obtain climate neutrality by 2050.

This workshop is organised as a cross-cutting workshop and aims to focus on the impact of policy on renewable energy developments in the broad context, which means including the energy system aspects, society and ecology.

We warmly invite interested experts from the various EERA Joint Programmes to jointly discuss the policy developments and implications for our research agenda’s.



Introduction on aim of the workshop – Peter Eecen, JP Wind


REPowerEU (10 min) + Discussion (5 min) – Rosita Zilli, EERA Secretariat


EU taxonomy for sustainable activities (10 min) + Discussion (5 min)


Fit for 55: Renewable Energy Directive (10 min) + Discussion (5 min)


A European Strategy for Offshore Renewable Energy (10 min) + Discussion (5 min)


The EU Gas Package – focus on renewables (10 min) + Discussion (5 min)


Regulation on batteries and waste batteries (5 min) + Discussion (5 min)


Summary, 360 feedback, suggestions for next workshop

In case of additional questions, you can contact the EERA Secretariat through Raffaele Guerini