Chair: Xabier Munduate, SP4 coordinator 

The objective of this session was to show the impact of the aerodynamics, loads and control in the design, power production and ultimately the LCOE. In addition to this session a separated control meeting was organized this time into the IEA Topical Expert Meeting: Workshop on wind farm control.

The following presentations were given within the SP4 session:

  • Wind tunnel setup with an active grid and a model wind turbine for aerodynamic research – Frederik Berger.
  • Maturation of Fluidic Actuators and Aerodynamic Sensors for smartblades: some challenges to tackles – Caroline Braud.
  • The HighRe-project – measure and validate large rotor blade models – Lukas Vollmer.
  • Relevance of aerodynamics, loads and control in wind turbines and wind plants – Xabier Munduate SP4 coordinator.

Research questions were posed: how representative is a scaled model in the wind tunnel related to the turbulence, and how robust are the flow actuators and sensors on the smartblades. The presentation on the HighRe-project, about the possibilities of implementing an aerodynamic test on a real 8MW turbine was something that really cached the public and many questions were raised at the end of the talk.

The last presentation was carried out by the SP4 coordinator, where the key challenges and research topics relevant for Aerodynamics, Loads and Control were introduced.

  • Wake modelling: lack of engineering methods for loads and control.
  • Real size real Reynolds aerodynamic data needed.
  • Unsteady flow and dynamic stall: more understanding and modelling (fatigue and stability)
  • Torsion and deflection of long, slender blades.
  • Hydrodynamic loading on structure and interaction with aerodynamic loads.
  • Control for lifetime and market integration (real field demonstration needed).

This is a good starting point to start the sub-programme research road map. It is envisage to push this road map, during the first workshop that will be on “ control for offshore “, the 26th November at the Wind Europe Offshore Conference in Copenhagen.

Members are encouraged to come to the workshop were the road map will start its way.

Here you find all the presentations