Chair: Jake Badger, SP3 Coordinator

The objective of this session was to share knowledge among members about two different measurement approaches to investigate quite different and diverse characteristics of wind conditions, and finally to present the ongoing work of the Wind Conditions and Climatic Effects research road map. The following presentations were given:

  • Laura Serri, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE S.p.A., Italy, with “MOBI: joint Wind-Wave-Current Measurements in the Sicily Channel”
  • Joachim Reuder, University of Bergen, Norway, with “Measuring turbulence and coherence with scanning lidar systems – The COTUR campaign at Obrestad, Norway”
  • Jake Badger, EERA JP Wind SP3 coordinator, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark, with “An update on Wind Conditions and Climatic Effects (SP3) Research Roadmap”

The MOBI (Marine Offshore Buoy for Investigation) has been deployed 5 km off the western coast of Sicily. It has been used to make measurements of atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, and air temperature, and is also equipped with an ultrasonic two-dimensional sonic sensor. Ocean measurements of currents and waves are taken by a unit installed 20 m below the sea surface. The data is open to the scientific community (contact or and should feature in the ShareWind data portal.

The COTUR campaign uses 3 scanning lidars (Leosphere Windcube 100S) in a triangular setup installed on the Norwegian coast not far from Bergen. Alongside the scanning lidars is a lidar wind profiler and a radiometer temperature profiler. The lidars have been used to observe turbulence characteristics offshore, with horizontal coherent structures in particular being of interest. Research questions were posed; including the role of the surface waves in modify turbulence characteristics.

The subprogramme research road map has been developed through two separate workshops. The outcomes so far have been documented and can be found on the EERA JP Wind website. Members are encouraged to utilize any elements of the road map and reach out to members for possible collaboration.

Here you find all the presentations