EERA JP Wind R&I Strategy

Dear EERA JP Wind Member,

We are proud to present to you the R&I priorities strategy that has been developed by EERA JP Wind. Last year we made a large effort to define the R&I priorities and through several workshops and discussions at the EERA JP Wind annual event we have finalized the strategy.

The strategy is delivered at a moment in time where guidance is needed and European strategies are determined. The strategy does not stand by itself – it is complementary to the industry strategy of ETIPWind and the long-term research agenda of the Academy EAWE. It has contributed to the implementation plan of the SET-Plan IWG Offshore Wind. We are convinced that these R&I priorities will support the goals of the SET-Plan and contribute to an accelerated implementation of wind energy.

We really thank you for your valuable contribution to achieving this important result.

We also take the opportunity to remind you of our annual event, September 14 – 18 (EERA JP Wind & SETWind Online Annual Event 2020), which is organized this year in collaboration with SETWind and ETIPWind.

Registrations will open soon, meanwhile the deadline for sending your contribution is July 31 or August 15 depending on the session. You can contact Flaminia Riccioni Capelli at

We wish you well and we hope you enjoy the strategy document. Do not hesitate to distribute it to your national representatives and responsible for wind energy research.

On behalf of the management board of JP Wind,

Peter Eecen

Coordinator of EERA JP Wind

Download here the EERA JP Wind R&I Strategy