15th & 16th of September 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Since 2014, the EERA Joint Programme on Wind Energy (JP WIND) has been organising yearly events.

The EERA JP Wind & SETWind Annual Event aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, network opportunities and inspiration for new research topics. It is intended to focus on R&I priorities and technology development visions. The first day of this years event is organized in collaboration with ETIPWind. The first day will be dedicated to the creation of multinational projects, lighthouse initiatives and European partnership initiative.

EERA JP Wind calls for abstracts with “Research priorities” and “Technology development vision”. Oral presentations by the contributors are will be selected. Optionally, papers may be written that are published in conference proceedings available online.

The important topics in the Annual event are:

  • R&I priorities, technology developments and visions
  • Discussion on creation of European Lighthouse projects
  • Developments in the SET-Plan calling for international R&I alignment
  • Creation of multi-national R&I initiatives
  • Wind Energy System Integration – Vision and R&I priorities
  • European-wide initiatives for large-scale infrastructur


Content requirements:

  • R&I priorities, defined at Institute level or  (inter)national level.

Submission format: 750 words with structure

  • Target
  • Research gap
  • Key actions required


Content requirements:

  • Description of vision for technology development (or underlying basis science) .

Submission format: 750 words with structure

  • Vision
  • Current state of the art
  • Technology development


  • Optional
  • Published as part of the conference proceedings

Selection process outcomes

  • Best contributions will be invited for an oral presentation

Abstracts can be submitted by May 1st 2020 directly to the EERA JP Wind Operations & Communications Manager, Flaminia Riccioni Capelli,

Please indicate to which session of the programme the contribution is addressed:

  • SP2 & SP7 session on “Infrastructure for material and structural testing”
  • SP5 & SP8 session on “Transforming the energy system and the impact to European citizens”
  • SP3 & SP4 session on “Changing wind conditions and the impact to the wind turbine design”
  • SP6 session on “Accelerating offshore implementation after 2030”