EERA JP Wind WORKSHOP on Ongoing research in offshore wind structures

16th & 17th of September, 2021 - Amsterdam & online

This is a workshop organized by EERA JP Wind Sub Programme on Structures, materials and components (SP7), with the support of the Sub Programme on Research Infrastructure, testing and standards (SP2), and the Sub Programme on Offshore Balance of Plant (SP6) .

This hybrid Workshop on ”Ongoing research in offshore wind structures” takes place September 16-17 2021 in Amsterdam, and as a virtual event for people who cannot travel. It is adjacent to the EERA JP Wind Annual event which takes place the week thereafter September 20-24 in Amsterdam as well.

Registration is free, but mandatory.

Format of the workshop

Due to COVID 19 uncertainty, the event is organised as a hybrid event: we hope most people will be able to make it to Amsterdam and attend the meeting, but for those who cannot, the presentations will be made available on a live platform and Q&A is life as well.


We would like you to meet us in person in Amsterdam, but if you cannot make, a pre-recorded presentation and availability for Q&A after the session is also possible.


The call for contributions is officially open. Please mention:

  • Ongoing research in offshore wind structures, so we know it is not meant for the annual event the week thereafter
  • Title of the presentation, name of presenting actor, affiliation
  • Contact data
  • Highlight the framework (e.g. national /European project) of your research
  • Main aims and results to date.

Abstracts (about 1 A4) can be directly submitted to the EERA JP Wind Operations & Communications Manager, Flaminia Riccioni Capelli,, by 31 August 2021 .

Please note that this date is currently different from the call for abstracts for the annual event, which at the moment of writing stands at August 8.


Papers are not foreseen, as this event is particularly about ongoing research, rather than polished results.


The workshop concentrates on material and structural aspects of offshore wind turbines, such as:

  • Floaters
  • Foundations and mooring systems
  • Support structures
  • Tower
  • Generator and drivetrain
  • Blades
  • Test methods and infrastructure
  • Advanced integrity management technologies for offshore wind structures

We particularly welcome results from European and national research projects.

Please point out not just positive results but also problems encountered and things that did not go according to plan – this where others can learn from or may be able to help you out!

Registration is free, but mandatory.

About EERA JP Wind

The mission for EERA JP WIND is to provide strategic leadership for medium to long-term research and to support the European wind energy industry and societal stakeholders. The joint programme brings together all public research organisations in Europe with substantial research and innovation efforts in wind energy.